This tool was developped in the PFBAG (Bioinformatic for Genomic Analysis) plateform in the Genomic and Genetic department of the Pasteur Institute.

Technical View

SynTView is a Flash software (AS3 language), a technology increasingly used in comparative genomics.

The user can access the application through a web interface, in combination with the GenoList environment, thus taking advantage of comparative genome data. Alternatively, a stand-alone client is available (multi-platform AIR), allowing the user to work with its own locally stored data. Currently, the accepted file formats are ptt (GenBank) for genome annotation, tab-delimited files for other information (protein correspondences, Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms – SNPs) and the Newick format for phylogenetic trees. Web access can also be implemented using local user flat files.

Please see Documentation

The application has been tested with thirty genomes. The main limitation is the size of the device.