This section describes how to load data with the AIR stand-alone version (based on the example data sets provided here). File formats and organization are described in another section (Data and FileFormat)

Synteny project directory

- open the Genome directory

- choose a genome as the genome pivot
(in this data set, only Helicobacter pylorii B8 genome can be chosen as the pivot ...)

SNP project directory

- open the genome directory (where the genome reference file is stored)

- choose the "Genome strain" demo data set as the genome pivot (name of the genome in the data set exemple)

- click on the Genome strain and open the SNP directory (where all the polymorphrism files are stored )

- go on "local view" tab - click on show / hide SNPs (-) button

or you can watch this screentcast to know how to load the data on the stand-alone version