GenoList is an integrated environment dedicated to the analysis of microbial genomes. it is accessible at the URL

Besides its local implementation, SynTView is embedded in GenoList where comparative genomics data are pre-computed. There are two ways to access SynTView in this environment: either from one given gene card or through a direct access to the 750 organisms stored in GenoList. The synteny information is computed from the correspondence between proteins of different organisms (Bi-Directional Best Hits – BDBH) and the conserved order of the corresponding genes along the genomes.

You can start using GenoList without being logged on with direct link to an organism. coli K12
In the following example, we searched the ileS gene in the gene Card we found a table with best hits and BDBH against a list of organisms.

The synteny button allows one to launch a web version of the synteny viewer connected to GenoList with web services. It loads automatically the pivot genome pivot and the comparative genomes and show the local synteny view centered on the ileS gene. The link between BDBH is clickable and allows the user to launch a multiple alignment in JalView. Using the contextual menu of the gene, we can go back to GenoList.