SynTView is built as a generic genome browser which allows the user to visually explore genomes by genomic location, or to directly access genes by names search.

Contextual menus are associated to genes, allowing the user to compute local views around a given gene, get sequence information, access the GenoList gene card, or add genes to a gene basket that can subsequently be used for various operations on gene lists. The user is able to type in a gene name which is autocompleted : the genomic map is computed and centred around this gene


Buttons allow to move (back/for)ward on each genome track or for all the track. Sliders allow to scale up/down the graphic presentation vertically or horizontally. User can also change the genomic scale. By default the scale is set to 25 kB

Genomic Location

For each genome replicon there is a global chromosome representation to direct access a genomic location. The pivot genome is represented at the top of the genome's track.

Genomic track

Several genomic maps can be stacked on top of each other

The user can easily drag and drop genomic tracks to reorder the map

If a phylogenetic tree has been computed, the order of the tracks is driven by the position of the organisms in the tree. The tree's branches can be flipped.

Gene list

All the gene of the reference genome are presented in a table.

The columns can be sorted. A sub-table is associated with the corresponding gene in the other genomes. A button allows to go back to the local view with synteny as an option.